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Posted by tanja on October 8, 2007
is a new domain about media realism, like a magazine about living in Media World.


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Vivienne Westwood in Milan

Posted by tanja on September 26, 2007

From the 25 September 2007 to 20 January 2008 Real Palace of Milan will accommodate “Vivienne Westwood, 35 fashionable years”, the greatest extension that never has been dedicated to a designer fashionable.

Been born in 2004 to the Victoria & Albert Museum of London, the review exposes outfit selects to you from the private collection of the V& At and from the personal archives of the English designer directly. That Italian represents the most recent stage than a tour that in last the four years she has touched Canberra, Shanghais, Taipei, Tokyo, Düsseldorf, Bangkok and San Francisco.

From the geometric destructions of the first collections to the challenges of years ’90, the stylish paradigm of Vivienne Westwood reflects one systematic exploration of the history of the custom. This retrospective gives back to the spectator, in all the their original forms, the wealth of ideas that has animated in the years the creations of the designer. And it bewitches for the density and complexity of the references to the artist and literary limbs.

An organic distance, guided from the love for the culture but also from a no tired need continuously to test the cultural limits of our society.

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“Cleaned up Dresses” -Milano fashion week 2007

Posted by tanja on September 21, 2007

22 of the September  begin the campaign,“Cleaned up Dresses” just in the day of beginning the fashion week in Milan. Draft that all consumers do not buy dressed without the label “Made in” that of it he certifies the origin. Never more to the formaldehyde toxic and dangerous for the health, without one clear and certified origin.
Dressed cleaned up, therefore a revolution wants to be the beginning that succeeds in to render to European level the “Made obligatory in”, because finally the consumer is protected without risks for its health and learns to buy in intelligent way. Without
label it is not bought



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Fatletters is magnetic game

Posted by tanja on September 13, 2007

I created my first personal Custom magnet game and it was incredible experience. I found fat letters on web site and was playing with words in game style. After that I received fatletters box with my personal game, on my post address and put magnetic words on my fridge . It’s crazy and I recommend everyone to try it. It is easy, you write your words and you choose a style(colour, font… ) that describe you and your environment at the time you are creating this game..


Also this game allows you to interact virtually with your environment and to create by yourself or with the other people, to play online with other people in real time, to play it later with them . Even more, you can order your game and put stylish words on your fridge or any metal surface in your house. Or imagine your boyfriend, receiving fatletter box withords that tell her something special from you.

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Posted by tanja on September 3, 2007

As its most elementary, blog marketing is simply an extension of classic PR- maintaining good relations with high profile bloggers about subjects relavant to what you sell. Just as you would invite journalists and editors to openings and previews, offering them inside scoops and latest news and sending them samples, demos, and other free goodies, it can pay to extend this corporate hospitality to key bloggers. One key to sucess with these blogger outreach initiatives is conduct them in the spirit of transparency, partnership and openness a number of brands have had their fingers burned by negative PR when it has come to light that they were paying bloggers to shill their products or services.

Case Study: NOKIA 

  • Nokia recently seeded its new camera phone with a number of “leading edge” bloggers in Finland, asking to experiment with the camera function. Although Nokia did not explicitly ask the bloggers to write about the telephones in their blogs, the majority chose to do so. Nokia found that the bloggers coverage of the new phone significant Web traffic for them on the Nokia site, with four of the blogs featuring in the top 15 traffic generators

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What is blog marketing?

Posted by tanja on July 7, 2007

We can start with a sample definition: Blog marketing is the use of weblogs to promote a brand, company, products or service, event or some other initiative. Blog are often themed, covering news and views related to a particular industry or product category, they attract readers interested in the area – and therefore can represent a useful targeting opportunity for marketers. The commercial interest in blogs as a marketing tool has only grown with the recent rise in the popularity of blogs, which in turn has been fuelled by new easy-to-use, low –cost blogging software.  From geeky beginnings, by mid 2005, blogging had become a mainstream pastime-with the numbers of publishing blogs exceeding 10 milion and growing by one million every month.

There are three emerging approaches to blog marketing. First, marketers can seek endorsements ( aka blogvertorials) on popular opinion leading third-party blogs. Second, you can set up your own “business blogs” sometimes called brand blogs or corporate blogs) to directly or indirectly promote your product or brand. And, thirdly marketers can engage in the controversial practice of creating “faux blogs” , fake or false blogs of happy but imaginary clients, costumers or consumers.

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Short history of Second life

Posted by tanja on July 2, 2007

second_life_logo.jpg    Second life has been conceived from Philip Rosedale. Like all the artists, also he has always wished to create a hard work able to represent the world in a microcosm. Instead using colours, words, marble and clay, he has used bytes. Philip Rosedale began to work on the concept that would have become SL (initially Linden World), in 1991. The first tests began in November 2002 and six months after SL came opened for the public. The version beta previewed limited registration that they served in order “to generate materializing them” and to conserve all objects created from the residents in the virtual world. To that they joined to the costs use of lands, beyond to a rate for teletransport and a tax on “prims” (“primitives”, the matter blocks with which the virtual objects are constructed). At the beginning , this choice seemed much reasonable one, considered that every new prim introduced it contributes to weight down hardware that ago to turn the virtual world of Second Life. But that one to tax the creations of the residents in reality did not demonstrate one moved oculata under the political profile and in the long run it carried to heavy consequences. Second life was launch officially in june 2003.

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The greatest virtual community in 3D

Posted by tanja on June 23, 2007

Now in Italy , you can find “The Official Guide for to orient to you in Second Life”. The book of 360 pages gives councils on the aspect of the avatar, places where to go, things to make, persons to meet, suggestions on like constructing, suggestions of scripting and economic information. Choose this book, maybe give you more satisfaction to be a part of this world, 

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OPEN SOURCE- TheBag Art Factory, Bovisa, Milan

Posted by tanja on June 14, 2007


TheBag is mainly an idea, a lifestyle the art and of production. In concrete terms it takes to shape 4 years ago in a shed space in Bovisa (Milan) from an idea of a group of students of the Academy of Brera, that they tear the space to the city and made it as laboratory and exhibition space. TheBag is mainly the result of a real requirement.

“Open Source” has the main goal to analyze the road covered from TheBag in quality of operating organism, and an experiment, and that art extension is realized in synthesis in one.

Articulating the structure of TheBag on the computer science principle of “Open Source” a structural code is determined open, potentially modifiable to the infinite through the cyclical collaboration of persons who enter in “TheBag” with the will to share means, experience and art, perfecting some the structure and feeding the creative energy of the factory. We can define TheBag like a container of persons, different witness, various ways to realise, that they enter to make part of this context .

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The Furtherfield Blog

Posted by tanja on May 30, 2007


A space shared for personal reflections on the Average Art: like making it, curing it, translating it. The Furtherfield blog is a place for professionals Medium Arts that explores in intuitive way their professions, in order to understand together and to learn, without the pressure to formulate arguments or to supply answers. The blog it has been founded in the autumn of 2006, initially like an informal place, for every day exchanges between the members of .team, included editor/critic us. This blog uncovered that this format is adapted many persons more than others and therefore invited other persons to join. The Furtherfield blog is be planned like one platform in order to promote particular plans. The bloggers have the possibility to explore the own perspectives with the own words; personal reflections, answers move them and critical intentions that come very rarely discussed public in some other place in these terms.

Regular Furtherfield bloggers are: – Camille Baker, Ruth Catlow, Aileen Derieg, Marc Garrett, Mark Hancock, Patrick Lichty and Lauren To Wright.

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