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What is or not is “Second life”?

Posted by tanja on December 19, 2006

We can speak about Second life, like a type of online computer game, but maybe is better understood as an online virtual word in which every person has own space with identity which he or she wants.

For example, by registering and downloading the game, or chat with people online, you enter in virtual word and create “ avatar” ( representation of yourself).

In that world, you can be what you want. Your indentity is visual for other on the way you prefer to be on the line. Also, you can change your profile when ever you want.

“Second life” is an on-line game, with over 600 000 people registered for the game. Actually the game which is made possible by the very real economy that exist in the virtual word, made possible by the ability to own private property within the game and by the settings an exchange rate between the games currency and the US dollar. For example, in a single day in Septembar 2006, US $417,000 was spent in the game.

But in the context of new media, that is a life when we are on-line, actually that is on-life with different ways of our exsistence, depending are we chating, writing e-mail, surfing, searching informations, playing the game.

All of these activites on the net, put us in another word. Usually, we dont thinking about “ Who we are, when we are on-line”?

Maybe, it is not important to think about it, cause the most tools which net give us, make our life more simply and faster. Communications , collaborations , buisness and economy are more flexible then ever before. Of course, our own presentations are better and eaiser when we using internet.

Maybe we change our identity daily, when we registering on some website. Often, we give the fake informations about ourself, or informations what we want to be. Sometimes, the man is women, the old man is a child, etc. The consequences can be big on our social reputations, But we have to know control our own life and accept internet as a fact which is crashed the borders between people and give us more liberty. As we teached that, we can use the network in the way of its usful possibilities. Then no reason dont accept “ Second life” in the context of new media, like new term” virtual –online life”which is actually real life with using new power tehnology.

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