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Futures@nic 2007

Posted by tanja on March 30, 2007

The urban festival of electronic arts and music, moves since July days in i May between 10-12, going back to the spring period which had characterized him of the 2004. Musical Futuresonic 2007 will hospit events inside Futuresonic Live, events of art and technology inside Urban Play, a part of the festival introduced in the 2006 which has been then reproduced in many festivals in England and Europe. At this moment they are 2007 selecting the artists and the projects for the edition.

Futuresonic has been commissioned by Manchester International Festival as one of the seven ‘Manchester Firsts’ highlighting the creative cutting edge in Manchester.

A major international conference during Futuresonic 2007 will be social technologies summit. That looks at how we can make technology more social and explores “a whole new way of doing things in the air”.

Highlights Include:

ENVIRONMENT 2.0 – Network meeting for a new international initiative in which two worlds collide. When the environment is mapped, tagged and digitised it becomes navigable, computable and manipulable.

FREE-MEDIA – Exploring inspiration and resources in our built and natural environment. Free-media uses public domain Free and Open Source Software, and recycles freely available old equipment and junk (FOSS).

IMAGINATION@LANCASTER – A one day event presented by a major new innovative research institute in England’s North West.

DORKBOT – Manchester’s first Dorkbot, an open event for people doing strange things with technology, with a special focus on alternative computer interfaces.


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Art Tech Media-international congress

Posted by tanja on March 27, 2007

The first International Art tech Congress mediates has been organized in order to think on themes and questions on art and new technologies inside an international context. Inside this context, it is necessary to activate an intense debate about the influence and the transformations that the new one mediates are producing in the art, to the necessity of a bigger comprehension by the foundations in order to have a bigger cooperation between different sectors bound to the digital art and at last the development of an international cooperation network in order to increase the production, the research, the exhibition and the promotion.

The Conference will focus on three clearly complementary regions: national, international (European, Asian) and Ibero-American.

The conference is open to the general public, especially those connected to the visual arts and in particular those working in digital art.

The event will be held on the 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th May 2007, Spain


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