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MILAN-the city of design

Posted by tanja on April 25, 2007

Amazing week of events, exhibitions, performances, meetings and parties is really evidence to say “The city of design is Milan”. During the design week the meetings, spread like constellations across the accustomed areas of the city. Every year Salone del mobile held in Fiera , always surprised us. This year, like last one new space of Fiera di Rho Pero welcome us under the great sail designed by Massimiliano Fuksas, in the wonderful pavilions and in the various meeting places . More then 2500 exhibitions from the country and the world on the Salone del mobile gave us a new view the developing of design. On the other hand , Fuori salone with 360 events trough the town , in the different zones, gave the visitors special impression of the life in Milan during the legendary week.

p1010229.jpgdesign_week_salone_del_mobile_e_fuori_salone_2007_milano-28.jpg design_week_salone_del_mobile_e_fuori_salone_2007_milano-26.jpgdesign_week_salone_del_mobile_e_fuori_salone_2007_milano-23.jpg

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About 10 years of first online-diary

Posted by tanja on April 18, 2007

We say “about”  ten years, because actually a date which can certify the birth of blog does not exist. And, therefore, neither a true anniversary you allow us to celebrate a tenth anniversary does not exist.

There are many, more in USA who  try to define what with exactness has been the first true and real blog, that is the first diary online and the form of a blog has taken. Some have identified date first of  april 1997, when Dave Winer threw Sripting News, blog which anchors today continues with honour his activity. Others think that the first has been John Barger and it started putting his comments on Wisdom Robot,  on December 17th, 1997. But other think that everything is still begun before, as New York Times points out, that the father defines Justin Hall founder of the personal blogging, begun to his say in 1994.

Then, it is not interesting, all added, to know whether there is a date, because actually blogging structured about the end some years ninety, but in some way he has always existed. Since the beginning the personal pages were at the end some diaries, the forums were some collective debate spaces, bulletin board and the Fidonet were even existing before someone tried to imagine World Wide Web. Therefore it would be quietly possible to say that precursors of blog have arisen before the net itself.


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