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The Furtherfield Blog

Posted by tanja on May 30, 2007


A space shared for personal reflections on the Average Art: like making it, curing it, translating it. The Furtherfield blog is a place for professionals Medium Arts that explores in intuitive way their professions, in order to understand together and to learn, without the pressure to formulate arguments or to supply answers. The blog it has been founded in the autumn of 2006, initially like an informal place, for every day exchanges between the members of .team, included editor/critic us. This blog uncovered that this format is adapted many persons more than others and therefore invited other persons to join. The Furtherfield blog is be planned like one platform in order to promote particular plans. The bloggers have the possibility to explore the own perspectives with the own words; personal reflections, answers move them and critical intentions that come very rarely discussed public in some other place in these terms.

Regular Furtherfield bloggers are: – Camille Baker, Ruth Catlow, Aileen Derieg, Marc Garrett, Mark Hancock, Patrick Lichty and Lauren To Wright.


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