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The greatest virtual community in 3D

Posted by tanja on June 23, 2007

Now in Italy , you can find “The Official Guide for to orient to you in Second Life”. The book of 360 pages gives councils on the aspect of the avatar, places where to go, things to make, persons to meet, suggestions on like constructing, suggestions of scripting and economic information. Choose this book, maybe give you more satisfaction to be a part of this world, 


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OPEN SOURCE- TheBag Art Factory, Bovisa, Milan

Posted by tanja on June 14, 2007


TheBag is mainly an idea, a lifestyle the art and of production. In concrete terms it takes to shape 4 years ago in a shed space in Bovisa (Milan) from an idea of a group of students of the Academy of Brera, that they tear the space to the city and made it as laboratory and exhibition space. TheBag is mainly the result of a real requirement.

“Open Source” has the main goal to analyze the road covered from TheBag in quality of operating organism, and an experiment, and that art extension is realized in synthesis in one.

Articulating the structure of TheBag on the computer science principle of “Open Source” a structural code is determined open, potentially modifiable to the infinite through the cyclical collaboration of persons who enter in “TheBag” with the will to share means, experience and art, perfecting some the structure and feeding the creative energy of the factory. We can define TheBag like a container of persons, different witness, various ways to realise, that they enter to make part of this context .

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