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What is blog marketing?

Posted by tanja on July 7, 2007

We can start with a sample definition: Blog marketing is the use of weblogs to promote a brand, company, products or service, event or some other initiative. Blog are often themed, covering news and views related to a particular industry or product category, they attract readers interested in the area – and therefore can represent a useful targeting opportunity for marketers. The commercial interest in blogs as a marketing tool has only grown with the recent rise in the popularity of blogs, which in turn has been fuelled by new easy-to-use, low –cost blogging software.  From geeky beginnings, by mid 2005, blogging had become a mainstream pastime-with the numbers of publishing blogs exceeding 10 milion and growing by one million every month.

There are three emerging approaches to blog marketing. First, marketers can seek endorsements ( aka blogvertorials) on popular opinion leading third-party blogs. Second, you can set up your own “business blogs” sometimes called brand blogs or corporate blogs) to directly or indirectly promote your product or brand. And, thirdly marketers can engage in the controversial practice of creating “faux blogs” , fake or false blogs of happy but imaginary clients, costumers or consumers.


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Short history of Second life

Posted by tanja on July 2, 2007

second_life_logo.jpg    Second life has been conceived from Philip Rosedale. Like all the artists, also he has always wished to create a hard work able to represent the world in a microcosm. Instead using colours, words, marble and clay, he has used bytes. Philip Rosedale began to work on the concept that would have become SL (initially Linden World), in 1991. The first tests began in November 2002 and six months after SL came opened for the public. The version beta previewed limited registration that they served in order “to generate materializing them” and to conserve all objects created from the residents in the virtual world. To that they joined to the costs use of lands, beyond to a rate for teletransport and a tax on “prims” (“primitives”, the matter blocks with which the virtual objects are constructed). At the beginning , this choice seemed much reasonable one, considered that every new prim introduced it contributes to weight down hardware that ago to turn the virtual world of Second Life. But that one to tax the creations of the residents in reality did not demonstrate one moved oculata under the political profile and in the long run it carried to heavy consequences. Second life was launch officially in june 2003.

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