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What is blog marketing?

Posted by tanja on July 7, 2007

We can start with a sample definition: Blog marketing is the use of weblogs to promote a brand, company, products or service, event or some other initiative. Blog are often themed, covering news and views related to a particular industry or product category, they attract readers interested in the area – and therefore can represent a useful targeting opportunity for marketers. The commercial interest in blogs as a marketing tool has only grown with the recent rise in the popularity of blogs, which in turn has been fuelled by new easy-to-use, low –cost blogging software.  From geeky beginnings, by mid 2005, blogging had become a mainstream pastime-with the numbers of publishing blogs exceeding 10 milion and growing by one million every month.

There are three emerging approaches to blog marketing. First, marketers can seek endorsements ( aka blogvertorials) on popular opinion leading third-party blogs. Second, you can set up your own “business blogs” sometimes called brand blogs or corporate blogs) to directly or indirectly promote your product or brand. And, thirdly marketers can engage in the controversial practice of creating “faux blogs” , fake or false blogs of happy but imaginary clients, costumers or consumers.


One Response to “What is blog marketing?”

  1. Let me give one example of why blog marketing is good 😉

    Dear Tanja, I want to inform you that I have started another internet experiment taht is going to be the dark side of my net presence:

    Write te me what you think.

    All the best,


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