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Web 2.0, will be network of future

Posted by tanja on May 8, 2007

Today they are spoken very about Web 2.0 , but they are not spoken more, what means this acronym? The definition of one new generation of web sites is true. The You Tube, eBay, Google. and others show the two characteristics that join them. First: the contents come supplied from the community of who live on the web. According to: the services that they offer are free. In order to know best website the 2,0 a good point of departure is the or if you want to learn more visited this site, with ten e-books of web2.0.

Now, for beginers , I recommend also these address:






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MILAN-the city of design

Posted by tanja on April 25, 2007

Amazing week of events, exhibitions, performances, meetings and parties is really evidence to say “The city of design is Milan”. During the design week the meetings, spread like constellations across the accustomed areas of the city. Every year Salone del mobile held in Fiera , always surprised us. This year, like last one new space of Fiera di Rho Pero welcome us under the great sail designed by Massimiliano Fuksas, in the wonderful pavilions and in the various meeting places . More then 2500 exhibitions from the country and the world on the Salone del mobile gave us a new view the developing of design. On the other hand , Fuori salone with 360 events trough the town , in the different zones, gave the visitors special impression of the life in Milan during the legendary week.

p1010229.jpgdesign_week_salone_del_mobile_e_fuori_salone_2007_milano-28.jpg design_week_salone_del_mobile_e_fuori_salone_2007_milano-26.jpgdesign_week_salone_del_mobile_e_fuori_salone_2007_milano-23.jpg

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About 10 years of first online-diary

Posted by tanja on April 18, 2007

We say “about”  ten years, because actually a date which can certify the birth of blog does not exist. And, therefore, neither a true anniversary you allow us to celebrate a tenth anniversary does not exist.

There are many, more in USA who  try to define what with exactness has been the first true and real blog, that is the first diary online and the form of a blog has taken. Some have identified date first of  april 1997, when Dave Winer threw Sripting News, blog which anchors today continues with honour his activity. Others think that the first has been John Barger and it started putting his comments on Wisdom Robot,  on December 17th, 1997. But other think that everything is still begun before, as New York Times points out, that the father defines Justin Hall founder of the personal blogging, begun to his say in 1994.

Then, it is not interesting, all added, to know whether there is a date, because actually blogging structured about the end some years ninety, but in some way he has always existed. Since the beginning the personal pages were at the end some diaries, the forums were some collective debate spaces, bulletin board and the Fidonet were even existing before someone tried to imagine World Wide Web. Therefore it would be quietly possible to say that precursors of blog have arisen before the net itself.


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Futures@nic 2007

Posted by tanja on March 30, 2007

The urban festival of electronic arts and music, moves since July days in i May between 10-12, going back to the spring period which had characterized him of the 2004. Musical Futuresonic 2007 will hospit events inside Futuresonic Live, events of art and technology inside Urban Play, a part of the festival introduced in the 2006 which has been then reproduced in many festivals in England and Europe. At this moment they are 2007 selecting the artists and the projects for the edition.

Futuresonic has been commissioned by Manchester International Festival as one of the seven ‘Manchester Firsts’ highlighting the creative cutting edge in Manchester.

A major international conference during Futuresonic 2007 will be social technologies summit. That looks at how we can make technology more social and explores “a whole new way of doing things in the air”.

Highlights Include:

ENVIRONMENT 2.0 – Network meeting for a new international initiative in which two worlds collide. When the environment is mapped, tagged and digitised it becomes navigable, computable and manipulable.

FREE-MEDIA – Exploring inspiration and resources in our built and natural environment. Free-media uses public domain Free and Open Source Software, and recycles freely available old equipment and junk (FOSS).

IMAGINATION@LANCASTER – A one day event presented by a major new innovative research institute in England’s North West.

DORKBOT – Manchester’s first Dorkbot, an open event for people doing strange things with technology, with a special focus on alternative computer interfaces.

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Art Tech Media-international congress

Posted by tanja on March 27, 2007

The first International Art tech Congress mediates has been organized in order to think on themes and questions on art and new technologies inside an international context. Inside this context, it is necessary to activate an intense debate about the influence and the transformations that the new one mediates are producing in the art, to the necessity of a bigger comprehension by the foundations in order to have a bigger cooperation between different sectors bound to the digital art and at last the development of an international cooperation network in order to increase the production, the research, the exhibition and the promotion.

The Conference will focus on three clearly complementary regions: national, international (European, Asian) and Ibero-American.

The conference is open to the general public, especially those connected to the visual arts and in particular those working in digital art.

The event will be held on the 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th May 2007, Spain


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Heroina from real Venice

Posted by tanja on February 17, 2007

“L’arte deve essere parte della vita quotidiana, altrimenti non vale la pena parlarne”


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Posted by tanja on February 2, 2007

Markets are conversations.

Markets consist of human beings, not demographic sectors.

Conversations among human beings sound human. They are conducted in a human voice.

The internet is enabling conversations among human beings that were simply not possible in the era of mass media.


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Shortcut of “Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dessidents”, by Julien Pain

Posted by tanja on January 12, 2007

Blogs get people excited. Blogs disturb and worry people. Some people distrust them. Others see them as a star of a new information revolution. One thing’s for sure: they’re rocking the foundations of the media “, said Julien Pain. Anyway this book give us a basic informations about relative new kind communication ( blogs, blogging and bloggers)

These “online diaries” are even more varied than the mainstream media and it’s hard to know which of them is a news site, which a personal forum or one that does serious investigation or one that’s presenting junk evidence.It’s difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

But blogging is a powerful tool of freedom of expression that has enthused millions of ordinary people. Passive consumers of information have become energetic participants in a new kind of journalism – what US blog pioneer Dan Gillmor calls “grassroots journalist” by the people, for the people.



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13 Most Beautiful Avatars

Posted by tanja on December 26, 2006

From 17 February till 17 Marth next year, we will see again the most visually dynamic and celebrated stars of video game “ Second Life” in Postmasters Gallery, New York. This exhibition, called “ 13 Most Beautiful Avatars”, by Eva and Franco Mattes ( a.k.a. 0100101110101101.ORG),
is result of their video game flanerie.


The Matteses have been living in virtual world for over a year, exploring this video game and their result is series of portraits. The 13 Most Beautiful Avatars images will be exhibited in the real-world. In Second Lifes Ars Virtua Gallery, a 3D replica of this physical exhibition space has been recreated for presentation of an exhibition identical to the “real” one, and real presentation was at the Italian Academy in the Columbia University, New York.

These portraits reflect Second Life aesthetics, featuring the bright colors, “artificial” light, 3D shapes, and surreal perspectives that are typical of this virtual world .The avatars’ icons recall questions common to earlier eras of portraiture, including the cultural and psychological context of the images, and the relationships between high art and subculture, between contemporary art and “traditional” art forms, and between art and life itself.

Eva and Franco Mattes are known for their controversial artworks, and they are the recipients of the 2006 “Premio New York” grant, sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Cultural Institute, New York.

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CyberMuseology-digital media in the museum!!!

Posted by tanja on December 25, 2006

Before we met new kind of museum, let’s know the meaning of word “ virtual”.
Wiliam Gibson writes ( 1984), that we moved in another space “ virtual reality”, when we think on the way of virtual meaning. Philosopher Pierre Levy ( 1998) said, the word “ virtual” is derived from the Medieval Latin virtualis, itself derived from virtus, meaning strength or power.Strictly speaking, the virtual should not be compared with real but the actual, for virtuality and actuality are merely two different ways of being.
In other ways, a virtual museum is not a digital analog. We speak about real museum, but in artificial world. But this is not the sense that most people use the prase “ virtual museum” at this time, by which they generally mean “artificial museum”.
Among the first major online exhibitions, several were produced by the American Treasures of the Lybrary of Congres They showed the basic exhibition online format.
Then, Museo de Monterreys, “ Virtual Visit”, for example allows visitors to look around the graounds of the museum, move from room to room and click on specific paintings for more informations abouth them.
The Hamburg museum has an extensive set of quick-loading, Quicktime player using to show each gallery.
Many of these concept to present art on digital way is best to understand like exhibitions online. Today, in new gallery of Charles Saatchi, you can take a virtual tour of gallery and also create your own virtual gallery, which means that each visitor can be curator and director.





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